DIET : ducklings/chicks do not need any food for the first 24hrs after hatching as they have absorbed everything they need from the yolk.  After this initial 24hrs try them with a little chick crumb moistened with water when a couple of days have passed you will not need to moisten it, of course ensure they have constant access to fresh clean water but not too much as they are at risk of drowning.  


After about 2-3 weeks start the ducklings/chicks on growers rations this should last them until about 20 weeks of age.  During this time also start them on mixed grain.  Grain is an important part of a ducks diet especially in winter as it keeps them warm.   Mix in a little cooked vegetables as a treat.   When fully grown feed them on layers pellets and grain.  With cooked veg every now and again and bread as a treat.  They will naturally forage for slugs, worms and insects.


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Feed can be purchased in sacks (which will last a few months, depending on number of flock) from most pet stores even the big chain stores cater for wildfowl and poultry these days.  Feed should be stored in vermin proof containers, we have found metal bins to be ideal, and if outside ensure lids are very secure as squirrels will also try to raid them.